At AD Studio Photography & Cinematography we provide a range of flexible packages to suite individual budgets. All our pricing is based on the requirements of our clients. We usually provide a complimentary consultation within midlands to issue clients with a quote, and discuss the various options.But we cover nationwide. The consultation is a perfect opportunity to tailor your package, view our portfolio of real weddings and select the storybook albums of your choice. Upon discussing all the options we then issue you a quotation.

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We provide a range of packages with both bride and groom coverage. All packages are tailor made to your exact requirements, with enough flexibility in each package to add and remove things according to your budget. We provide luxury storybook albums handmade , which come in range of sizes and are the perfect way to showcase your wedding. Our wedding albums are exclusive to AD Studio Photography & Cinematography, and come in a range of sizes, cover options, pages and paper finishes.